Ash On Dust - Vol 1

by Ash On Dust

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Pablo Cavallo
Pablo Cavallo thumbnail
Pablo Cavallo I admire the way Jeff Schmidt uses fretless bass in his music, and found this project's vibe very interesting.
I also like the fact that by adding more instruments in this project, it doesn't get monotonous.

I enjoy this kind of music when I want to listen to different landscapes and sounds without having to pay too much attention to busy bass lines, etc, and it is always a great inspiration in terms of expressiveness on bass. Favorite track: Precipice.
Steve Lawson
Steve Lawson thumbnail
Steve Lawson utterly gorgeous ambient post-rock-ish electronica. They've been releasing it a track at a time for a while, now collected together as an album. Two basses and some drums and bleeps. Great stuff. Favorite track: The Fall.
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Ash On Dust is a collaboration between bassists Jeff Schmidt & Steve Uccello.

Ash On Dust is an on-going musical experiment drifting between acoustic ambient and cinematic post-rock while leaving many of the tropes of those genres behind. Well, at least we attempt to avoid them when possible.

While the backbone of the sound of Ash On Dust is created from acoustic & electric basses - it is not the intent or point of Ash On Dust to display or feature the bass for it's own sake. Nor is there explicit demonstrations of technical abilities on the instrument.

Instead we use the bass mainly for it's uniquely rich yet somber voice. It's poignancy. It's a fitting voice to speak and tell our stories.

Hopefully, you won't really notice "basses" at all.

The modus operandi of Ash On Dust has been to release a single track of music at a time, as they are completed.

This process began with the track The Black - released in August 2012.

Only on finishing the 6th piece - "Closure" did it feel appropriate to package the music into a single EP - simply called Vol 1. When we began -we honestly didn't know how much music we'd end up making. It's a thrill for us to have completed enough to actually call it an "EP".

Since the single track at a time release process seems to work well for us, we'll continue to work it - and hopefully arrive at Vol 2 and beyond. Who knows - maybe even title an album! But, let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

In the meantime - please enjoy our first releases. We're both very pleased with the ground we're covering and the possibilities of what's to come.

If you enjoy the music please feel free to download it - for free - or pay any amount you feel it's worth to you. Please share it on social media and tell your friends about it.

We appreciate your ears!

--jeff & steve


released January 4, 2013

jeff schmidt - electric fretted/fretless basses, resonator bass, percussion, production

steve uccello - upright basses, cello, melodica, oud, mandolin, percussion, production




Ash On Dust California

collaboration between bassists/composers Jeff Schmidt & Steve Uccello

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